Washington's railroad heritage is more than large steam engines or
silver streamliners. For example. the W.S.R.H.S. collection includes
a rusty nail. Because 130 years ago that nail held an iron strap
on wooden rails for the first common carrier railroad in the
Washington Territory. With the first little train that clattered
over that nail, our State began to take shape from a frontier
territory. Our population, our industries, even the nature of our
agriculture was determined by that ragtag little train and the
mighty railroads that followed it.    
As we set our footsteps firmly into Washington's second century,
The W.S.R.H.S. strives to stay at the forefront of the effort
to preserve and disseminate the railroad history of our state.
With the help of civic minded businesses and individuals, the Society
supports local and state wide restoration activities and will provide
assistance to preservation and historical societies across
Washington State.
In addition to restoration of railroad rolling stock and artifacts, the
W.S.R.H.S. maintains a photo and document collection. All aspects of
railroading are represented, from operation manuals and construction
techniques to personnel lists and the stories they told.

"Whatever Your Skills Or Interests,
We Invite You To Join With Us
For Hands On History!"

Our Mission:

The Washington State Railroad Historical Society is a non-profit
organization in the State of Washington with the following
purpose as defined in the bylaws of the Society.

"The Society shall perpetuate the history of railroads and railways
in the State of Washington through education and through
the operation of a rail museum."

To this end, the Society's goals are to:

  Restore and operate historical railway equipment;
  Discover, collect and preserve any material which may help
establish or illustrate the history of railroads and/or railways;
and to stimulate and support the preservation of all landmarks,
materials, art, books, costumes and other material objects which
illustrate life, conditions, events and activities related to past
or present railroad activity within the State of Washington.
  To disseminate historical information in various news media,
photographs and Society publications.
  To create a State Rail Museum and to operate the collection
of saved equipment as part of the museum.
  Document Washington State railroad history, including the
evolution, economy, and development of the railroads.
  Collect and preserve rolling stock, especially that which is historic.
  Leave a part of railroading for future generations.
  Educate the public about railroads and railroading, including
what the people did.
  Create a central focus point for all rail preservation / rail-fan
  Maintain a broad enough focus on railroading that
the "average" person is interested and will return.

Who will the WSRHS customers and benefactors be:

1.   The average person.

2.    The rail-fan.

3.   Kids.

4.   The history buff, serious historian, or student of
railroad history.

5.   The general public.

6.   Railroad modelers.

The Major Functions / Activities of the WSRHS are:

   Find / Acquire rail equipment / artifacts.

   Accurately restore rail equipment / artifacts.

   Preserve rail equipment / artifacts and to interpret
the history and technology of railroading.

   Raise funds to complete restorations and operate a

   Publishing of rail / history information along with
collecting "oral" histories of the railroaders.

   Public awareness of the railroad history that built the
State of Washington.

   To create a State Rail Museum and to operate the
saved equipment as part of the Museum.

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