Historical Railroad Photo's
From the D.S.(Dixie) Garbett Collection,
The North Coast Railroad Photo Collection,
& From The WSRHS Photo Collection.
All copyrights to the photo's belong to the W.S.R.H.S.

  • Edwards & Bradford Lumber Co., At Elk, WA, 1907 to 1915.
  • Railroad Center at Winlock, WA 1911.
  • Caboose Line at New Castle, WA 1908.
  • Big Fir Log on the Marysville & Northern No Date.
  • Railroad Construction at Hooper, WA No Date.
  • Railroad Action at Union Gap, WA 1915.
  • Over Head View of CM&St.P Yards at Tekoa, WA 1910.
  • Great Northern's first locomotive William Crooks & GN # 2500, No Date.
  • Streetcar Station at Point Defiance Park, No Date.
  • The Shoshone Flyer In Spokane, WA, Post Card, 1909.
  • Seattle & Everett Trolley No Date.
  • Big Log on the P & E Railway at Raymond, WA No Date.
  • Hikers West of Great Northern Cascade Tunnel, Post Card, No Date.
  • Coal Locomotive & Crew at Wilkeson, WA 1912.
  • Snake River Bridge Construction 1913.
  • Trolley on First Street in Cheney, WA No Date.
  • CM&St.P Bridge at Beverly, WA 1910.
  • Spokane Trolley, No Date.
  • Northern Pacific Railway Bridge at Pasco, WA 1909.
  • Union Pacific Switching Crew at Wallula, Washington on May 21st., 1950.
  • North Coast Railroad's opening excursion train passing through
    Kennewick, Washington. Photo taken on March 22, 1911.
  • Northern Pacific Locomotive # 383, Pasco's First Switch Engine 1893.
  • Pasco Rail-Yards & Depot in 1908.
  • Northern Pacific Passenger Train, West Of Kennewick, WA in 1913.
  • Northern Pacific Ice House, At Pasco, WA, In Operation 1920s.
  • Hanford (A.E.C.) Alco/RS-1 engine "31" with Cask car
    at Hanford, Wasnington, Photo taken in 1958.
  • Union Pacific Engine "3837", converted mallet compound at Walla Walla WA. 1930s.
  • Union Pacific Engine "460", heading West outside Wallula, WA. in 1926.
  • OR&N Engine "20" at Touchet, Washington in 1890.
  • Changing Crews at Pasco,Washington 1949! Northern Pacific engine, # 6510.
  • Northern Pacific engine, # 684 at the Pasco, round-house in 1955.
  • G.M. demonstrator, # 103 at the Pasco, Depot on March 15, 1940.
  • Northern Pacific engine, # 1617 at Pasco, on October 18, 1908.
  • Northern Pacific, Z-8 engine # 5137 at Pasco, in 1948.
  • Northern Pacific, Z-6 engine # 5113 West of Ellensburg,WA in 1939.
  • SP&S, Z-8 engine #911 at Pasco, in 1949.
  • Spokane Portland & Seattle engine, # 858 at Pasco, in 1962.
  • NP engine, # 5119 at the Pasco, rail-yards 4/30/1938.
  • SP&S Z-6 engine, # 900 at the Pasco, rail-yards in 1939.
  • NP Z-3 class, engine # 4014 at Pasco, in 1938.
  • Switching Crew at Starbuck, Washington in 1909.
  • The D.S. Garbett Collection was a love of life for "Dixie". He spent most of his life working on the railroad and taking photo's of his work was a hobby. There is over 1,000 photo's in his collection. 95% of the negative stock is 4X5, and there is about 400, 8X10 prints. All of "Dixie's" work was done in B&W, but there are a small number in color. The WSRHS maintains the collection in the safest condition possible and hopes to devote a book to the works of "Dixie" Garbett some day soon. The Society also maintains a collection of 150 photo's donated to the society by Howard Wolfe, on the building and surveying of the North Coast Railroad that later became the Union Pacific line (from 1901 to 1918) and a book is pending on that too. Dixie lived through a golden time in railroading and we are thankful that he was able to save it on film for future generations.
    "D.S. ("Dixie") Garbett You Will Be Missed!"

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